Follow me around curved edges

Hello. For the life of me, I can’t get a curved edge around this curved corner (see picture). I want to make a bevel on the edges of this object for 3D printing. The lack of a bevel tool on iPad means I have to use follow me. The part around the curve is always hollow, no matter what I do. Is there a simple solution, or am I using the tool wrong?

Simply put the model is too small. Scale up by 10, 100 or 1000 and try again.
As a general rule it is easier to work in metres and treat them as millimetres when making small parts for 3d printing. The exported .stl is unitless so done correctly the slicer will import the stl at the appropriate size.

That did it, thanks. It’s surprising that something as simple as the scale of the object can result in such a quirky bug. I mean, the units in a digital model are completely virtual, aren’t they? Either way, thanks for helping.

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In one sense yes: they aren’t the real world. But the representation is always finite, and finite computer arithmetic generates small errors when calculating things. So, SketchUp has a threshold below which two nearby vertices are merged. The merging can lead to loss of adjacent faces, hence holes in things such as extrusions and solid operations. Alas, desite years of pleas to make it configurable, the threshold is fixed at about 0.001 inch. So, you need to scale up the geometry to avoid issues.