Follow me tool around a sphere (on iPad)

Hi, I want to make a line around a sphere to allow me to extrude a shape along a path on a spherical surface. I’ve seen videos that show the ability to do that on the desktop version, but I can’t figure out how to do that on the iPad (or if it’s even possible).

Hi Renegado,

here´s the help section about the follow me tool on iPad.
Check it out!

Yes, I already know that, thanks. I’m specifically looking to make a path along the surface of a sphere, which isn’t covered by that page, or by the official YouTube videos.

Hi @Renegado, great question. I recorded a quick video that hopefully helps answer your question.


Thanks, this helps. I actually want to make a path that changes direction on the surface of the sphere - I’m trying to make a rectangle that conforms to the surface of the sphere as a path that I can then extrude a shape along. Here’s what I drew (this is essentially the model I’m trying to make). See the frame that goes along the edge of the viewport? That.

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Maybe this will help. All native tools. Took longer to explain than to actually do it. Hope it makes some sense.


I think @tuna1957 and I are on the same page here (I like that you showed adding in the rounded corners… nice touch!).

Here’s another quick vid:


Mike , glad you posted up the second vid. I’m not familiar with all the differences between the free version and pro version. Got to wondering after I posted if you get the same menu by right clicking. Doesn’t seem so?

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(@tuna1957 the videos were recorded in SU for iPad - not free :wink:)

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Wow, thanks. I certainly can’t complain about the lack of support I’ve gotten - several videos and graphics made specifically to answer my questions - cheers!