Anyone pls help me to make this object


i want to make this model but some struggle.
pls help me or guide me.
thanks you so much


Firstly, do you have the model itself? If you do, you will be able to measure it, an important first step.

Next, look for repetitive elements. For example, it appears to be a mirror image, so you only need draw one side, make it a component and then make a flipped copy. But you can go further. The roughly vertical parts of each “cup” also appear identical. Again, you can make one and then use copy rotate to create the other two (the “handle” part looks like it may be different). Each of the rings may be a different diameter but look as if they have the same profile. So create the profile and then four circles for the differing radiuses. Use them and Follow Me to create each ring. The base looks like a one off. Then put it all together and join them using Solid Tools.

I expect there will be some tidying up to do but that is essentially how I would go about it.

You haven’t had much response so far. That may be because your post looks a bit like you are asking people to do your work for you (even if you’re not really). Those kinds of requests tend to get ignored.


You could use the follow me tool with a profile of the rings and straight parts … the 5 rings in each ‘cup’ look very much as though they are in fact scaled versions of each other, so you may only need to make one ring using the profile and ‘follow me’ tool. Then use the same profile to make the straight parts (Obviously rotate the profile in the orientation needed for the straight parts and the ring parts)

You could also make the whole thing as a grouped cylinder shape (with the rings and straight parts ‘subgrouped’ inside), then scale the bottom of each cup with plugin called Fredo Scale… the part at the top you can make also using the ‘follow me’ tool. Doing it this way would keep the profile scaled appropriately in the lower areas…


size is 8mm and 6mm top and bottom and height is 11mm. here is night time and i slept at that time.
i don’t expect someone make for me. but it would be good if more details


As Simon says… This is a cluncky gif to illustrate some of those steps.

The basic cage is made of lines which I then tapered using fredos box taper, and then the follow me tool sweeps the circles around to rings. I didnt copy one down one and then scale it as they would of ended up different diameters and they appear to be the same.

The vertical rods could be follow me but I used Eneroth’s pipe tool using the same diameter as the rings section. The linking arch can be then made with the follow me tool along that drawn path.


Another way to make a tapered array of rings.


Each color represents a different group.

This piece is made of 6 cylinders, 10 toruses, and a follow-me piece. Don’t explode the groups. Hope this helps.


thanks you so much!


really simple you done! thanks you


thanks you so much ! great


Great video. One question. After you surrounded the circles with the rectangle and before using the Follow Me tool, how did you “intersect” the circles’ faces with the rectangle"s face? Thanks.


They automatically intersect.
If you mean how did I remove the holes,
Triple click (Selects all), shift double click (deselects the rectangle and all surrounding edges leaving only the faces of the circles selected) Delete.


Thank you. Glad to learn/add the Shift Dbl Click to my workflow. Best Regards.