Sliding Dovetail Saw

Sliding Dovetail Saw (#1).skp (335.4 KB)

An old article was posted in the Fine Woodworking site about this saw written by Tage Frid. I took a screenshot of the diagram and made this model of the saw after scaling and tracing over the screenshot.


Sliding Dovetail Saw (#2).skp (439.9 KB)
I redid this to round over the sharp edges of the handle. At first I tried to edit the handle and champher the edges. Because of the curves, I just made a mess. I started over, traced over the skp, made two copies an inch apart, used a quarter circle of an inch diameter, and used that to form the circular outline. I used entity info to reduce the number of segments in all the arcs from 12 to 3 to 5 segements. That made it easy to make a solid handle. It was like making a conestoga wagon. Rotate/copy quarter circles, connect the dots to make faces, flip move to complete the arc on the other side.