How to model teeth on a holesaw?


I’m looking to model a holesaw and need to accurately create the teeth on the saw. Typically the teeth are not perfectly aligned, alternating teeth bend to the left and right. Also, is it possible to create teeth that are able to be save as an ‘element’ and placed on a path, i.e., similar to the FollowMe, function?


you need to look at ‘Move’ copy and ‘Rotate’ copy, as both of these are used for sprockets and chains…
lots of tutorial videos online…


So draw the outline, extrude the shape, then Rotate copy around the axis?


if I wasn’t having a hassle with posting gif’s I add one…
but that’s the basic concept…
if you move the first you can use ‘flip along’ to get the offset, then rotate the pair…


Rotate > Copy > Array
You could also adjust the number of circle segments (sides) to match the number of teeth.