Cutout on edge of square table leg

Can anybody suggest how I might model what I thought would be a fairly simple decorative feature on the solid square leg of a table? As shown in the actual photograph, a section of the edge on one corner of the leg has been carved off at 45°, tapering with the curve at the top and bottom. I was able to cut that section out easily just by drawing a section with that shape on each of the two faces affected, then deleting those sections. The problem is it then leaves a hole where it should be solid.


You basically need to make the shape you want to cut out and remove it from the block.
Here I have used follow me to make the cutting shape in place.


Wow, thanks so much for the quick reply and the fabulous demo!! That is almost exactly what I need, except that the section either side of the straight lines is flat, where this method makes it curved. I can see that the person who made this table probably used a chisel at a 45° angle on the corner of the leg to create the curved section, then probably just cut the straight section out from the side (or used a thin bladed hacksaw to cut it out from one end starting with a curve, then proceeding straight to the other end, ending off with another curve to cut the section out). I’ve been trying to think how I could create the cut out shape you created, then somehow slice the back of it off to make it flat along the straight section, but I’m just not that good with Sketchup.

In that case just draw the edges you want and joint the dots.

My mistake, Dave is right, I missed the fact you wanted the curve.

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Think about the cutter required to make that chamfer in a single pass and draw that.

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Almost does it, too! The problem is that the small sections at either end of the cut out are actually curved, not straight. It’s almost like I need to use some combination of both techniques. Looking at your first option I thought I could fill in the straight part with a rectangle, but that would still mean the curved section still wouldn’t join up with the flat edge of the rectangle at either end. I see DaveR has just left a suggestion – I’ll take a look at that.

Of course!! Thanks for your help Dave and Box, much appreciated.

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