Chamfer to table leg

Hi there, i try to create an table leg with internal chamfer ( square leg). Is there any easy way other then to create object mix it with leg and use the intersect tool…? because is very difficult to align the object (cutter ) to leg (square).

Look to image what i mean.

It shouldn’t be difficult to get it aligned with the leg correctly. When I need to draw something like that I will make the leg a component, position the stopped chamfers which are made as solid components and then use Trim and Keep by Jim to trim the leg. You’ll find it easiest to set out the chamfers around the leg if you create a center line or draw the leg centered on the blue axis.

Hi DaveR, thanks. The chamfers positioning is the difficult part… :pensive:

I try now and the chamfers looks align perfect. But when i trim the result is terrible … :astonished:

Look here…

It’s easy enough to smooth the lines you don’t want to see.
Use Erase+Ctrl and wipe them to smooth.
Switch on View > Hidden Geometry to see all ‘smoothed’ edges around the curved parts…

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Those lines across the chamfers come from the way you created the “cutter”. some of those edges could probably be erased. The other could be softened so they don’t show. The best thing is to draw the cutter so those edges aren’t there to start with.

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Thanks TIG & DaveR. But i mean the size of each chamfer. When i align them to leg looks ok. You can see that in first images. but when i trim the depth is different for each of them. how can resolve this…?

look in the .skp file also.

Untitled1.skp (63.7 KB)

You need to make all the cutters to be the same size and position them at the same distance from the center of the leg. It’s best to make a single cutter component, place it at one of the corners and use Copy/Rotate to make the other three copies.

In your model, the leg isn’t centered exactly on the blue axis.

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Ok, but how i will calculate the distance from the center of the leg…?

You only need to make one chamfer on one corner of the leg.
Then select all its faces and copy/rotate them 90 degrees around the leg’s center axis (copy/rotate them three times)

To cpy/rotate: hit [Ctrl] when rotating to get the copy function. Right after the first 90 degrees [Enter] type 3* [Enter]

oops, (sort of what @DaveR wrote above)

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If you can wait until tomorrow, I could show you “live.” It might be easier than going back and forth the way we have been.

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Ok, Thank you DaveR.!

Thank you also Wo3Dan. :slight_smile:

I think part of your problem is that you are creating 4 separate cutters and positioning them separately. This gives you many chances to misplace the cutters!

Take advantage of the symmetries! Model 1/4 of the leg, cut by just one cutter. Group the result. Make copies and position appropriately, then select all 4 copies and combine them using Tools → Outer Shell.

Edit: After posting, I realized that @DaveR and @Wo3Dan had the same idea while I was composing my post!


Thanks sjdorst…

Well, Thank you so much for the “Lesson” DaveR ! i will try it as soon is possible !

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You’re quite welcome Demetris. I’ll PM the recording of the session as soon as it finishes.

Have a great evening. Eat some good food for me. :smile:

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Absolutely perfect! Excellent work, my friend.

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