Stuck with table leg modeling

Hey guys, the Sketch-up rookie’s here. Could you please help me. I try to model the wooden table like on the picture but stuck with the leg element. It seems to be curved and narrowed to the bottom.

Could you please show me how to depict the leg element as a solid element?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the noob question.

Here’s yet another picture of that table.

It’s hard to tell from the images whether the aprons are curved at their ends where they join the legs, or whether the legs are curved at the top to join the stretchers. The answer will help determine the best way to shape the legs.

could you send a few screen shots of your model as is now?

If it’s just for render - table.skp (221.0 KB)


I changed the thread category to SketchUp as it is about modelling. Corner Bar is mainly meant for things that remain when you take away anything related to SketchUp.
@DaveR is our guru of gurus when modelling furniture is concerned.

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Thank you @Anssi.

What you came up with is great, Dave and mihal.s, but how about some how-to? Did you make a round, tapered leg, then intersect it with the shapes that join the leg to the apron?



Very nice. Many thanks.


:nerd_face: I need to learn extensions

Thanks and you’re welcome, @davidheim1!

An improved version (still for rendering purpose)
table-03.skp (323.8 KB)

working mode for the improved version:

Then spend time to learn.


gotta do it! Been so busy usually working on 5 big projects at a time, but for sure need to dedicate time to it

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Your SketchUp skills are amazing! Much thanks for that time and effort you’ve spent!

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Thanks to everyone in this thread. Great community, indeed.