Issue with model

Hi, im only new to sketch up,
i have been trying to make my first own model of a bedside table,

i have started making the legs for the table. i had almost completed one leg and went to make sure it fit to the table top and found it to be skewed in the middle.

I have rotated the leg in two directions but never skewed it.

The odd thing is that when i measure the top of the leg from the outside edge to the outside edge of the table top side it is exactly straight, but when i measure further down the leg it is not. it appears to only be in the middle of the leg.

What have i done wrong
Bedside Tables.skp (104.4 KB)

Thanks for any help!

The entire leg is slightly twisted compared to the red and green model axes. This isn’t a modeling issue but more the way it works when you angle a leg in two directions as you have. I run into this every time I model a table legs that are raked and splayed.

What do you want to have happen? You can draw the leg so the face where it joins to the case is on axis and work from there. I’ll see if I can make up something to show you.

Are the legs to be notched where they mett the case?

By the way, you really should be using components instead of groups.

The legs will eventually be notched where it meets to the case (have not got to that part yet). but i wanted to make sure its straight before i did that.

Are you sure its all twisted, if you measure the top it says its 9.8mm from the case too the outside edge of the leg on both sides of the leg but if you go further down the leg, at the bottom of the case it is 0.7mmm out.

Haven’t learnt anything about components yet, only just picked up this program on the weekend. watched a few tutorials. obviously need to watch more.

i don’t really understand why it would move off axis from rotating it in two directions

Give me a few minutes. I’ll send a PM.

DaveR has probably explained it by now, but you can see the effect if you hold something square cornered, like a hardback book, in the corner of a room, then raise the outside corner. The edges of the book no longer touch the walls. Same with the top of the leg.

However, if you open your leg (group or component) for editing, and just select the bottom surface and move that in two directions but keeping it on the same level, you’ll get close to what you want.

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