Workbench with Vises (Revised)

Face and Tail Vise Parts #1.skp (173.3 KB)
Big Workbench #3.skp (759.2 KB)
I started a new topic, because I marked the other one as solved. (I think that’s the right protocol.) I took the screenshots from DaveR and modeled more detail, I moved the bench top, and made some small components and scenes. I had to make the vises in a separate model and then move copies of them into the workbench model. I was getting such extreme z fighting and read in a forum search to do it that way. I was still getting z fighting for a while until I clicked on a scene that I had made earlier. Then everything was fine and the z fighting disappeared. So I learned that as a way to get past z fighting issues.

no, you can unmark the previous one as solved, or you can even keep posting in a solved topic. or not mark anything as solved, since you don’t have an issue per say.

I’m pretty sure it would be simpler to follow your work if you didn’t start a new topic every other day, but if you started ONE big topic containing all your project time after time. like this one

Over the last 8 month you created 32 different threads in the gallery section. at this point it could have been one massive thread named Royce gallery, it would make it easier to see all of your work and refer to your previous stuff.


Okay, can someone collect up the 32 and group them in a thread called Royce?
I made a new post and just pasted links to my other gallery posts in it.