Workbench with Face and Tail Vises

Big Workbench.skp (440.4 KB)

I used an article in Fine Woodworking to practice SketchUp (Issue #265, Winter 2017/2018).
It was written by Chris Gochnour. I did not draw in all the hardware, because the dimensions were not given in the article. The face vise hardware came for Woodcraft and the tail vise from Lee Valley Veritas. Most of the dimensions were given in the article drawings. I guessed at a couple that were not. There is one groove on the front leg near the face vice that I have no clue why it is there. The other thing I am not sure about is the blocking for the top of the Deadman. Everything else seemed straightforward. I will make scenes and post an update of the skp in a couple of days.

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Ah yes, I know that bench well.

Actually the face vise hardware is from Lee Valley.

The tail vise is from Woodcraft.

There are grooves at the top of the front legs that correspond to dog holes in the bench top so you could push a dog down flat if needed.

Maybe this will clarify.

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I see now what you mean about the groove. I placed the bench top wrong. If I slide the frame to the right, then the groove should align with the dog hole. There must be something not shown in the article like a groove for the top of the deadman blocking to fit into. I’m just guessing. Thank you Dave this clarifies my questions.

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