Everyone Needs a Vise

I’ve got two! Thought I’d show them.
Vises in place

Veritas Quick-Release Front Vise on the left, Wood River Tail Vise on the right. These will be included in a workbench project that I’m doing plans for in SU and LO.


@john_drivenupthewall oh dear John, editing someone’s spelling like that can be rather dangerous.


I spelled it with an s on purpose and changed it back. :wink:
Screenshot - 10_8_2017 , 8_43_20 AM

@DaveR should learn to spell…

Mr Webster has a lot to answer for…


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John if your vice is to have your nuts in a vise I think you have succeeded.

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Now that is a good piece of advice…


Editing other people’s spelling might be unwise…

Here’s how I used my vises.

This is from the model I drew for the plans I made in LayOut for Chris Gochnour’s traditional workbench.

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