A Moxon Vise

A quickie model for plans for a Moxon-style vise. This would be clamped to the top of a workbench and used to hold something like drawer box parts for dovetailing. This is a view of the rear.


Never seen this exact type of vise before, but fantastic model.

Not a typical Moxon as I have made them. How is the channel to be used? Great vice for dovetailing!
Nice model, thanks for sharing


Hold down clamps. The designer uses a hold down clamp on one side to hold a saddle square in place to align the tailboard for marking the pins. He can also clamp the tailboard to the top of the vise so it is secure when marking out.

The hold down clamps are a very useful addition to the vice, good idea!

It does seem like a good idea to me, too. Wish I could lay claim to it.