Kerf Form (Bending) Process

Kerfed Form (Bending) #1.skp (112.7 KB)
Here is my progress in modeling a kerfed bending form for the chair crest in the other post.
You can see in the screenshot that I made a rectangle 25" by 4" by 3" and then kerfed every 1/4". I made a copy and made it unique. Then, lined each segment to bend with three lines, selected three faces, and rotated each kerf to bend to the next kerf. Entity Info doesn’t like that, and I’ll have to fix where the bent ends intersect later after I jigger the bends to match the bend in the chair crest to make the form a solid. But, that shows my process so far. If I decide to laminate 1/8" thick pieces to make the chair crest, I’ll need a bending form. Once I get the kerfs right both kerfed pieces have to be fastened to a base board like a 3/4" piece of plywood. Then, the 1/8th inch thick pieces can be placed into the form, glued, and clamped.

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A simple method, exact, clean topology … Make Component, Rotate, Copy, Outer Shell (10x scale)


I’m still working on this. I really liked the smooth process. I am getting solids now and fixing the
angles and positioning on a piece of plywood to use wedges to clamp the form. I’ll post it when I’m done.

Kerfed Form (Bending) #2.skp (244.3 KB)
Here’s the updated skp and two of the scenes.

Kerfed Form (Bending) #3.skp (388.3 KB)

This time making the kerf jig and the scenes for the big chair crest went quicker and better.

You make your work unnecessarily difficult, and the result can be improved. Try to use the way SketchUp creates circles or arcs (with segments) and divide by the required number, in the present case you have 45 ‘teeth’ and 46 ‘spaces’. Use inferencing system. And work at 10x.

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How are you determing the number and width of the kerfs required to get the desired bend?

Based on the design of your jig the kerfed pieces seem like too much work for what they do. You’d be better served with a few blocks glued and screwed to the base board in strategic locations so you can clamp the work to them.


I see your point in thinking about the number of segments :thinking:

I did not put any thought in determining the number and width of kerfs. You are right of course.
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