Cutting conical sheet of plywood

Hello Friends!

I am designer and sculptor from Croatia and am builing coffe table.

Coffee table will be conical shape, and i would like to make 2D file from 3D sketch.

Tomorrow i will have exact angle and dimensions of this conical shape.

I was wondering if someone could help me calculate/ draw that shape so i could build it from plywood sheet.


Are you still using SU2016 Make?

From your description it sounds like you should be using SketchUp Pro.

Are you bending the plywood? How thick is it? Are you going to be cutting kerfs in it to make it more flexible? There’s an extension in the Extension Warehouse called Unwrap and Flatten that can lay it out quickly.

Hey DaveR,

I am using sketchup pro.

I will be bending 3mm plywood and gluing couple of layers so no need for kerfing.

Good deal. Check out the extension I mentioned.

Please update your forum profile. Looks like it is long out of date. That info is helpful when helping you.