How can I create a cone shape?

Good day,

I would like to create the cone as you can see here

First, I would like to know how to create the cone with 1mm of thickness.
But, once done, I will ask a locksmith to solder the plate of 1mm of thicjness, which is not a rectangle as at the end, the locksmith will curve the plate and solder the two extrimity to have a cone.
Then when the cone is done, how can now the dimension of the plate for the locksmith.

I do not know exactely how we said that in english. For me a locksmith is the man who work with metal structure.

Many thanks for your help

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There is a plugin called Unwrap and Flatten that can unroll the cone so you can give dimensioins to your locksmith (it’s a mealworker in the U.S.). Keep in mind that you always work full-size in SketchUp, so you can make the height and diameter of the cone any size you want.

Be aware that plugins and extensions aren’t available for SketchUp Free (Web), though. You would need to use a desktop version. If you did use a desktop version instead of the web version there are extensions that could make the cone parts with the piercings from flat versions.

Laying out a cone.

ouha very interresting, thanks!

I repeat the operation to have an hexagone (Firt image top left)

But I would like to have the half, something like the image on top right ( That draw is not good)

IF you look at the image at bootom, I tried to remove the 3 faces but at the end I still have the frame, and apparently, I can remove only all the frame, not the segment of the frame

The Is there a easy frame to either cut the half of the hexagone, or doing the half?

My goal is to screw two half to have one hexagone

Draw a line across the middle to split the hexagon, then erase the half you don’t want.

That will leave the three remaining edges as a connected Curve.

If you want all three edges separate, then R click and choose Explode curve.

Great, thanks a lot

I have new question, I created a new cone as you can see here

Previoulsy, you tell me how to cut the half in vertical.
Now, I need to have 3 parts. I need to cut (horizontal) the cone in order to have three part with the same high. I can mark the high, but how to cut (split) them without losing one of the part?
The cone has an angle of 10°.


Make a cutting plane at the bottom (grouping it makes it easier to erase later), copy/move a copy of the plane to be even with the top, then type /3 to make evenly spaced distributed copies between the two. Intersect the geometry of your cone with the the planes (open for editing if it’s a group/component), then erase planes.

Not to go off on a tangent, but this would be pretty easy to develop on plain old-fashioned paper with very simple math. I left all my old sheet metal books at work, but you would easily be able to draw this in real life on a flat piece of paper and fold it into shape exactly as your “Blacksmith” will do. It would even save a step in the process. I could get you some pictures of examples, but it won’t be until Monday.

Thanks a lot for the nice movie. It help a lot, but I can make all. I can not separete the 3 part. (I can not make movie and for now I can just download one picture)

I created the 4 plates

I returned to my cone group and I followed the step, you show in the movie
I moved out the plated. (In a previous try, I also erased it, one by one, as you showed)
Now I can see the new segment, and I returned into my cone group.

I can not select a part to separate it. I try to select one part as you showed but witout success.
I also tried to select the face by face but the back face is not selected

Did you hold a special key to select to top, middle and bottom, and then separate it?

I am sorry for my bad english, but I hope the picture help.

Hello, yes, I am agree. My second worrie (which is waitng for me :slight_smile: ) I have have to provide a “flat” schema, like if I give some paper to the locksmith.
My idea, was to make the 3D schema to be able to show the final result and report the dimension to a paper for the locksmith. I think, that would not be so difficult. But may be I work in a bad way :upside_down_face:

I separated the three pieces using a selection box and move/copy (move tool with modifier key Option for Mac pressed, the same I used to distribute the cutting planes).

Selection boxes work differently if you make them from the left or from the right. Starting on the left and making the selection box to the right will select every element completely inside the box. Starting on the right and moving left will select any element that the box touches.
Select one section via select box then move copy it away from the main body.

Alternatively, you could make 3 copies of the complete divided cone, then erase the unwanted parts in each copy to leave only the three segments you want.

You can also select each part separately and then group its geometry.

This make the parts independent of each other.

If you are in a hurry, select only the central part and group it. Then it will be separated from the upper and lower parts and, since these parts will also be separated from the center one, they will also be separated from each other.

Thanks a lot for your great and fast help!!!

Once this is modeled, it seems it is three trapezoids, 9 dimensions, to record. Seems easier to draw the three trapezoids in 2d and lay them out. (or isolate one from each level in the model) then lay out copies of each in 2d.

PS you’d copy / rotate using the angle create by the sides.

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