Extruding scalloped face

I need help fixing a part that was already CNCed. I drew on of the follow plateaus at .75" instead of .5" and would like to try to make a softer arc. I had originally tried drawing it on the side of this figure and extruding and I can’t seem to get that to work. HELP.
Also, do any of you know a good tutor that I can work with directly?

Might be easier to redraw it from scratch. Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

I can be hired as a tutor if you want. Send me a PM.

Thanks Dave - here is a sketchup file:
Scalloped façade 7ft11in fuck up correction SKP2017.skp (253.5 KB)

I only did two channels but is this what you want on top?

Again, easiest to just start over and model what you want instead of modifying the existing geometry.

I’d definitely take up @DaveR ’s offer of tutelage!!

Not quite, thanks Dave. It should be .5 inches, as it is in nearly all of the drawing. There is one rib that is .75 which is a mistake. I’m interested in reshaping that single rib to be .5 at its peak, and that means that the curve has to change. You should be able to see the profile in the sketchup file. I will have to re-machine the surface, which has already been cut. This is able trying to mend the mistake. Does that make sense?

I saw a few piece of your work, and a podcast interview - impressive! You’re quite a veteran.

Click in sequence on the scene tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Shortening ribs on corrugated face.skp (42.4 KB)

I was working with a student but it looks like Jean has you sorted out.

Thanks for the compliments.