Bending text to conform to awning shape

Hi, I have been trying to finish a mockup that is due by tomorrow. I was being graciously helped by Gully, Jim and John among others, and perhaps they are in a different time zone, so I haven’t heard back since yesterday. I have spent 20-30 hours on my spare time over the lase 13 days. Just trying to understand the simpler point os Sketchup Pro. I do see the elementry fundimentals, but can’t seem to “bend” mt text to conform to the awning. Is there an easy way for a newbie? One of my tech help folks from this forum also helped me put a ladder on the wall for realism, but I tried doing it myself and couldn’t figure out how to “lean it” against the building. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Here is the unfinished skp file (from my cloud storage)>>>>><<<<<<<Thanks, RoB

Hello there. I had a look at your model. Are you trying to get something like this?

Simple steps…

You could also do it with a graphic or some of the bendy plugins; depends on what you want the output to be.

Vahe… Absolutely! The caption would not be those words. Can you please
tell a begiiner how to do such a thing? I thankyou for using your valuable
time and prowess.


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You’re welcome. :blush: But I think I was outrun by @gadget2020, hehe. The only difference is that I used flat 3D text and then extruded it with the Extrude Line plugin.

Thankyou both for your response. My problem is that I am a newbie, and what
looks easy is not easy for me, despite my almost 3 dozen hours trying to
make this mockup. Is there a particular video tutorial that would walk me
through the curved (bent) text? I am trying to do it as per your exploded
view, but I really don’ty know how to “unglue” the text…but I will try.
Thanks for caring.


By “unglue” do you mean separating the curved text from the cover like in this screenshot? I tried looking for some curved text tutorials on YouTube for you but they’re all mainly 3 dimensional, not flat.

Rob, what if I show you “live”? I have a short window of opportunity to do that right now.

Edit to add: Sorry. family duties call, the window just closed. How about later?

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Sorry, I watching a youtube tutorial and it didn’t work out…I am here
with headphones…Thankyou.


Sorry. I got called away to my son’s birthday dinner and we’re off to Boy Scouts shortly. Maybe after I get back if you’re available.

I would be co-operative any way you can do it…But it’s 7PM here, and
tomorrow I have to work on the ladder for a few hours. Perhaps tomorrow
afternoon? is that OK?


When you put 3D text into a model, it “glues” to the surface you click on. This means that the program will only let you move the text on that surface: You can’t “lift” it off the surface. To freely lift and manipulate the text, you have to r-click and select the option to “unglue”.
If you didn’t place the text onto a surface then it has nothing to “glue” onto, so you can ignore anything to do with “glue” or “unglue”.

(Actually if you rotate the text, it will automatically unglue it’s self - so you could probably ignore that step anyway.)

@roborizino, iIf you go back to your original post on this awning lettering stuff, Gully provided the same tutorial as gadget2020 above :wink:

I know that Mr. Catamountain (:0)

One of the youtube tutorials said to make a cylinder, I did it just like
him, then make a 3d text word, I copied even same word and font. Then he
proceeded to drag the word onto the middle of the cylinder face, so did I.
After that, he exploded the text, OK, I did too. But Then he used the
push/pull tool to (supposedly) push the lettering into the cylinder. I got
an error saying I can’t do that to a curved surface. So I’m dead in the
water. It sucks to be me, but I am determined to learn Sketchup, and with
the heros that have been helping, I think I can do it. Thanks for your


The face of the lettering isn’t curved–it’s flat–and that’s what you should be Push/Pulling (you should probably get used to saying it that way or P/P so people know what tool you’re using). Do not Push/Pull the curved surface of the awning.

You can Push/Pull the first character some arbitrary distance through the awning, then double-click each successive character to repeat the same distance.


Actually, that sounds like the punchline of a joke.

That’s one way, but it’s a more lengthy process: I didn’t explode the text or use the “Push/Pull”:
Just use the “Scale” tool and stretch the middle point of the text into the model - much easier, less bits to grab and pull and no chance of missing bits or getting the errors with curved surfaces.

(If you can’t see the middle point, turn on “X-ray” or “Hidden line” modes, then you can grab the handles that would be inside of other geometry)

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Extruded 3d text is set to glue to a surface while actually being slightly above the face to help avoid z-fighting. (when two faces try to occupy the same point in 3d space). This stops it easily intersecting with the face it is glued to.
It helps to set a negative value for the text so that it is already buried in the face, then unglue and pull,move or scale up just make a clean intersection.

If you just want the outline of the letters, use intersect with model and delete the lettering.

If you want cut in letters, set the correct negative depth, explode and intersect, then clean up.


Hello again… I tried going along with your animated screen shot
concerning fitting text on a curved surface, like an awning. Whenever I
“place” the sample text on a cylindrical surface, a red message comes up
saying that "you cannot push/pull curved or push/pull surfaces. If you can
get me through that, I think I will have learned the trick. I appreciate
your help.


You seem to be attempting to P/P at the wrong time. Once the letters have been intersected with the cylinder the faces of those letters in the plane of the cylinder become curved faces. You are effectively cutting out a section of the cylinder in the shape of the letters. P/P, Scale or move should be done before you intersect.
If you look at my gifs, I scale the letters so they extend through the face and only then do I use intersect. At no time have I used P/P.
In the first Gif I then colour the resulting faces, so they are distinct letters on the surface and in the second I delete them opening up the extrusion that I placed on the other side.
Once those letters are cut into the cylinder you can’t use P/P on them.

Thankyou for your kind response. My problem with your gifs is that I cannot
pause them. I learn slower than most, so I usually pause so i can follow
along. My P/P seems to say “cannot use P/P on curved or smooth surfaces” in
red letters. Is there some possibility you could refer me to a Youtube
tutorial that I can slow it down? I do appreciate this very much.

Thankyou to the Sketchup Heros