Can someone bend this object and send me back the file?

I’m really sorry, i know it’s not the kind of topics seen here or on any forums but i have this object that i need to bend a little for my model and i made another post earlier but i can’t seem to be able to bend it, SketchUp just takes forever and never get it done. I tried 3DS max too but no results there either, so i would really appreciate if someone can fix the object (if there is something wrong with it and need to be changed) or bend it according to the curve i have in the file.

I can’t thank you guys enough.Untitled.skp (2.7 MB)

Is the line in a very slight arc behind the planter the intended bend guide?

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Hello again Endlessfix, yes exactly it’s that arc behind it.

Cleaning up a bit before I bend. One side of the lattice panels has is open on the back and the other side of the water feature has a surface across the backside so cannot be seen through. Is this intentional? It will be easier to fix before bending.

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My friend downloaded it at the warehouse or however you say it and we did not change anything from it, if the change isnt noticeable why not. By the way i really really appreciate your help and everything you do for us. Thank you so much dude.

No Problem, I’m not doing much else, ha ha. Don’t thank me yet, I haven’t bent anything. See how the scroll work on the left is open so you can see the horizon, on the right it is not? Your choice, I’m going to make both sides open unless you tell me different, why have such cool scroll work if its not seen through?

I want it to be bend through inside if that makes sense, sorry my English isnt great at all but i want it like a “U” shape where the leaves are and all that stuff. Here is a picture that might be more understandable than my broken English.

You want it curved to that line with the water feature on the inside of the curve? Like so?

Yes exactly, thank you very much. Can you add the plants back now?

Here is a cleaned up and bent version. I made a few changes, you had some edges that had been moved to a Tag/Layer other than untagged which is dangerous. Only groups and components should be Tagged with anything other than untagged.
I replaced the plants, the curve of the planter and screens is so slight that the plants still fit great. The plants you are using are a very complex set of geometry, I’m not surprised it would not bend easily. I have made a new component, separating the wall and screens and the plants each into their own components nested inside.
I also gave the plants to their own tag called “plants”. I strongly recommend you keep the “plants” tag visibility turned off until you need to output images of your design. Rendering all that geometry is making SketchUp very slow to orbit and zoom with only one of these components in the model, if you put in many copies it will grind to a halt, so keep the plants turned off until you need to see them.

bend plants.skp (9.0 MB)


I can’t thank you enough for this and all you did in the previous post, thank you so so much, really. I dont know anything about SketchUp really and only got the trial version for this project to help my friend since my PC is a little stronger. I’m a little more familiar with AutoCAD and been working with it for the past 4-5 years. So i wish it was more CAD related. But still, thanks a lot, it really mean a world to me. I will show her the replied so she can use the tips. You’re the best Endlessfix.
Sorry for the late reply i had to get a few things done so i got distracted.

Stay safe and healthy dude. Have a great day/night!


You are most welcome. Same to you.


I know of one dude in CA,

now I know there are more :joy: