Bending an object to a line or curve

Hi everyone.

Many thanks in advance for any support that can provided to me.

I’m trying to ‘bend’ this shape so that it follows the line that I have created, the object is supposed to be metal strapping used to secure a box in place using a couple of screws.

I’ve been using the extension Shape Bender to do this, but as you can see the vertical portions have flattened for some reason.

Does anyone know how to avoid this issue, or perhaps someone knows an alternative, ideally fast method of making the strap ‘bend’ to or follow a line or curve that I have drawn?

Thanks all, appreciated.


Strapping around box.skp (2.7 MB)

Radial bend part of Fredoscale by Fredo6 available from the SketchUcation Store.

Amazing Box, tried it and it works perfectly.

Many thanks.