Bend object to a curve

Hi there,

I am trying to bend a straight component to a curved component. They are the same length. Have tried to use shape bender but wasn’t getting what I need. Have got close using Fredoscale but it still isn’t exact. I am sure there is a easy way to do this but I just haven’t got there.

The curve is from a circle with radius of 1562.5mm and the part I want to bend it round is 2657.8mm in length. I am trying to bend a 12mm thick sheet thats the also 2657.8mm long to the curve.

All help much appreciated.

Can you share the SKP file so we can see what you’re trying to do?

Bend To Curve.skp (210.3 KB)

Here is the file.

You can try Chris Fullmeres Shape Bender extension:

I have it but it distorts the object that you curve in strange ways. Fredoscale works better for bending but I still not getting it perfect.

Shape bender will work but you have to make sure you have the same length curve as the straight line.

They are the same length. However It was making my object thick in the middle and thin at the ends. When I use fredoscale it doesn’t do this distortion but I can’t work out how to make it bend to the exact curve using fredoscale.

So I found the best way to do what I wanted was to work out angle of the curve I wanted my bend to match then use fredoscale and bend my component to that angle. Shape bender works but distorts the objects thickness. Thin at the ends thicker in the middle. For some that may not be an issue but for me it wasn’t right.

I wonder if you could just draw one segment of the profile directly with the Arc and Line tools, then Rotate/Copy that segment to the full length of the curve, then PushPull the resulting profile to the width you want. It should be more regular than trying to bend the straight shape.

On my phone, so I could download and view your file, but not draw anything.

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That sounds like it could be a better way of doing it. I am not particularly skilled at this program yet.


Yeah I will show you tomo. Was very strange.

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