Need help with shape bender problem


hello , iam facing a problem with shape bender plugin , i select the group which is the shape with thickness , then i select the line for the length and the arc , but it doesnt work , i need to get somthing like the blue shape but in a curved way like the original group any help?


Upload the SKP file.

Do you have things set up correctly with the Component and the straight line parallel to the red axis?


yes it doesnt even work when its not parallel to red axis , and here is the file
shape bender.skp (131.0 KB)


It isn’t very clear what shape you want to achieve, I can get this one from your model.

But what is important is the relative positions of all three parts.
Are you trying to bend it along the curve?


thanks for your efforts , i actually want to get a building roof which looks like this one , the 2 curves are highlighted with red


For a shape like that you’re better off making the roof shape and bending that. Also note that the arrow keys will change the predicted shape. As you see here I hit the Up arrow to change the orientation.


Come to think of it, with that shape you only need Follow Me.


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