Shape Bender Problem - Red lines

Hey Guys!

Im trying to bend some text around a cylinder with shape bender in SketchUp 18. all on red axis.

When i select the component text, the straight line (shorter or exact length of text) and then the curved line, i just get all these red lines across along the text and nothing happens. Any ideas please? (IMAGE ATTACHED)

Open the Ruby Console, then retry…
Any error messages in the console ?
If so, then let us know…

Another thought, have you reset the Axes at some point ?
If so, hover over an axis and use the context-menu to reset them.
Then ensure your line/arc and group are oriented suitably to the axes, before retrying…

There is clearly something wrong with your set up. How about uploading the SKP file so we can take a look?

I set up something similar and Shape Bender handles it just fine.

With a smoother arc:

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