CLF Shape Bender doesn't work

I do it on the red axis ,but it doesn’t work. file attached , if anybody can help me.

test.skp (198.4 KB)

No. Shape Bender needs and update for SketchUp 2019. Hopefully the author will do that soon.

Can you send me some link for this update?
Thank you very much:)

There is no update yet so no link to send you. If and when he updates it, you’ll be able to get it through the Extension Warehouse.

Woe! Excellent. Thank you very much

For something as simple as your example, you could use Thom Thom’s True Bend. Make the component as long as the arc and figure out the angle of it with the Protractor tool. Then bend the component with True Bend to that angle.

YES thank you , it’s a test for something more complicated , but thank you very much it’s a great tool -True Bend.
All the best

Can I distribute text along a path? Is there another tool that will allow me to do what shape bender does and work in Sketchup 2020. Best, Wm

You can use Shape Bender to bend a 3D Text component. If that’s not what you are after, show an example of what you are trying to do.

@william is is possible you are confused by the original post you are replying to, which is about updating shape bender for 2019, but posted back in March of 2019? It has since been updated. Shape bender currently works fine in SketchUp 20, I just used it yesterday.

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@ChrisFullmer your turn! :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble using shapebender too…

What trouble are you having using Shape Bender? Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you have set up?

What version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system? What graphics card? Please complete your forum profile.