Using Shape Bender


I have used Shape Bender in the past without any trouble.
I am trying to use it again but now I seem to be getting a pop up window say " please select a line that is drawn on the red axis" My line is on the red axis as you can see from the attached screen shot.

Not sure what else to do or if I am doing something wrong.
As I mentioned I have used Shape Bender before with success.

Share the SketchUp file so we can see how you’ve set up your model exactly.

Hi Dave

Thanks for the response. Attached is Sketchup File

Arches and Curved Stairs.skp (177 KB)

I had to go get my kid from school. Will look as soon as I get home.

No rush Dave. Thanks again for your help

Did you delete the model from the file before saving it? The only think I can find is the unused scale figure in the In Model components and the materials associated with it. Nothing for Shape Bender to do at all in the file you uploaded.

Sorry Dave
The model I tried to bend is the rectangle which is in front of the curve. These are out side of the
structure. I just tried using Shape Bender same result with the popup “ need to be on the red line”

The shape needs to be a component or group. There needs to be a straight line parallel to the red axis (not necessarily on the red axis) and outside the component/group. From your screen shot it isn’t possiblle to tell if you have made the component/group or if you have a straight line outside of the object.

This shows it working just fine in SU2022 when set up correctly.


I did all of what you mentioned to confirm from what i see on the how to video i first make the straight object a group or component then add the line. In some case in the how to videos they are adding the line on the straight object or on either side parallel with the red axes line its nice to see you got it working i will keep at it thanks again for your help

This is not true, position relative to reference line determines the position of the resulting geometry relative to the curve.\

What I wrote is true. The straight line must not be inside the component or group container. It can be position on or near the component container but it must be outside of the container. Please quit with the false information.

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You can place the straight line next to the component/group container but it cannot be inside the group/component. Here I have two different lines. One on top and one on the large face. Both are separate from the component, though.

Where are you adding the line? If you’d share the .skp file with the setup that doesn’t work we can help you sort out where your setup is going pear-shaped.

If you want to withdraw false information, correct your entry!
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I haven’t written anything that is false.

However, a reference line position such as below (on the side of the converted geometry) will cause complications

I will do that. Thanks

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The reference line can be inside the object, you wrote that it has to be outside which is not true

No. The reference line cannot be inside the object.

The video on the Shape Bender page in the Extension Warehouse shows how it works with the reference line outside the object.



And one more time: errare humanum, est sed in errare perseverare diabolicum

Your reference line is not part of the component, though.