Bending Shape

Hello Guys,

I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post, i’m new :roll_eyes:
I have a litte problem…
I’m having trouble with a shape I need to bend to fit it in the right place.
I’ve found a primitive solution but it doesnt look nice…
Is there a way to bend this shape into the needed place?

Box Twist in FredoScale from Sketchucation could do it.

Thanks DaveR for the quick response!
I’m going to try this! It looks exactly what i’m looking for!
Thank you

FredoScale is fantastic and a great solution. Just for fun here is a method using only native tools. I create lines across the surface by copy/move one edge from one side to the other then type the number of divisions in (the more lines the more detailed the curved shape will be). Then I select the side edge that needs to rotate, and rotate it with the rotate tool (inference far side to get angle correct). As the rotated set of lines stays the same length as it becomes a hypotenuse, it needs to be scaled up after to keep the plan view of this roof rectangular (again, inference far side to get correct). Then select surface and soften /smooth.