Help needed to bend a shape around a curved surface



I am a design teacher and have recently begun using Sketch up in schools after previously using Pro Desktop and Solidworks.

I have been trying to figure out how to bend a petal shape I have created in Sketch up so it matches the curve of another shape, to make it look more organic. This is to assist a student with their CAD work but I have been unable to figure out how to do it!


Petal curve.skp (338.0 KB)

If anybody is able to bend this to the shape for me and reply back with how they did it that would be amazing.

Thanks Tony


Your image didn’t load so only going by your model.
And are you wanting to work in the Web version.
My best guess would be this, sorry it’s a bit rough as I had a large sandwich in my keyboard hand so it’s all mouse.


Here’s a reworked version of the model as illustrated by @Box.

Petal curve_Geo.skp (257.1 KB)


Thanks for your help guys. Really appreciated


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