Curving a flat design


I have a flat design that I drew in SketchUp that I’d like to curve in the shape of a sphere/dome. Doesn’t need to be a complete sphere, but I’m designing a pendant and would like to curve what I have. The design is basically a circle. I looked at the drape tool and tried to use it but couldn’t figure it out.


You may get the best answer if you upload your design and an image of what you are aiming for.
To upload file and image, use the seventh icon above the text you are typing in your post.


Here is my design:

I don’t really have an image of what I want, but the idea is that I want that image to be on the front of a sphere. The sphere will be hollow and I will cut out other parts of it, but the easiest way I could find to get the eye design I want was to do it flat. I’m not allowed to upload two photos in any case.

Here is a sphere pendant with a similar idea in the sense that the shell of the sphere is a design:

Try using a plug-in from Chris Fullmer called Shape Bender. It will bend a flat shape in one plane. If you need your shape to bend in two planes, you may want to try making the shape a texture and projecting it onto a spherical component. You can learn how to do that from SketchUp’s knowledge base.

I would suggest checking out Flowify.

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