Spherical "projection'

I’d like to reproduce this design:
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onto a part of a sphere’s surface:
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Anybody out there have suggestions?

A few options for this, sourced by employing the search function wth the keyword “sphere”…

I did have a brief look into the archive before posting the query, but saw nothing really relevant to what I’m looking for; The proposed solutions entail a linear transposition of the design like what can be obtained from the sandbox tools, whereas I’d like to wind up with a pattern resulting from a “projection” from a punctual source (at the center of the sphere), in order to keep the original, undistorted proportions.

I would trace over it to form actual geometry then use Shape bender to bend it twice.

Thanks, I’ll look into it…

Here’s a very quick example.

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This outline is just the basis of what I’d like to produce; The project entails creating 3D volumes from these edges, along with those of a counterpart shape, and assembling the whole thing into a ball.
I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize this…

Can’t make heads or tails of Shape Bender tutorials. What’s a good resource for a step-by-step workflow to use?
I finally managed to get my design to bend in one axis, but the second bend attempt results in the group simply rotating away from the intermediate result.

Got shape bender sorted out, but the result doesn’t pan out:
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If I’m to be able to assemble this into a sphere without gaps in its surface, what I need is more along these lines, where the “tile” limits are perpendicular to said surface:
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The projection problem I had foreseen remains whole.

what about using the Flowify extension


Sounds like a plan… Stay tuned!,

One thing… the 6 segments of the sphere have to be made up of quads

I used a subd sphere I found on the 3dwh and added some volume to my pattern. It worked really well :slight_smile:

flowify_sphere.skp (794.5 KB)


Can’t open the enclosed file (sphere), since I’m running Make’17. I’ll try and see if I can create it from the means that are available to me, or find a compatible one.
I like the idea of not needing an internet connection to do SU work, which is why I’m sticking with SU Make.
Many thanks for your interest and reply.

A version 2017 of the above for you:

flowify_sphere verson 17.skp (793.9 KB)

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@franquin, I would have thought that @ChrisDizon 's Flowify posts were more of a suitable solution than the one I posted with his file. I think you should move the solution to (rightfully) one of his.

Quite right…
Done, thx.

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