Pattern on a sphere

I have a sphere an need to place a fishing net pattern on it.
The result should look similar to the one on the picture

I’m ok if the pattern will result being quite even, not like on the original image and more similar to the one on the sketch below

Could you please advise on the best way of achieving this?
I use SU Make17.2.2555

If you want the net to be 3D, you can use Flowify plugin. See below for a quick demo:




Looks perfect, but I’m struggling to create such a surface with such a 3D mesh that is :

  • orientated 45degrees to the rectangle surface edges
  • all the joins at the edges are correctly aligned

Can you please advise how you did it ?

There are probably better ways to do it but here is my way:

1- Draw a square, rotate it 45° and copy
2- Select all lines and use Lines2Tubes plugin.
3- Select all and Right click > Intersect Face > With Selection
4- Use Solid Inspector² plugin to clean mesh and Soften & Smooth edges.

net.skp (643.6 KB)


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