Any other way to draw over an sphere?

Hi everybody.

I drew something like this.


With a little of imagination I think it can look like an egg with its eggshell.
I drew a hemisphere and then some lines around it to make the eggshell, then I deleted what I didn’t need and I also drew a sphere and gave it the shape of an egg (oval) a little smaller.
Then I complete the joins drawing lines making coplanar triangles.

Is there any faster way to do something like this?
Or even better, to do it with a regular pattern? as for example some wave pattern not so random.

Thanks in advance.

would it be easy to draw something like this but with a sphere shape?


I found this topic of mine by accident.

I wrote a similar one asking about how to draw a tennis ball in which @john_drivenupthewall shared this link: tennis ball thread at SCF30

So I found a good time to bring it back to show that something not perfect but pretty similar to what I asked at first is possible using Fredo6 Tools on Surface + Fredo6 JointPushPull


This is the .skp file: mytry.skp (429.5 KB)

PS: Not sure if it looks like something wrong I check my own post as solution but I think it’s an easy way to make others find the solution about a topic.

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