How to draw a circular (ring) pattern?

hi everybody, I’d like to know how to draw a circular (ring) pattern, I dont care if it’s not extruded, I think I can get by with that.

This is an example of what I mean

I think I would be able to draw the pattern along one of the axes but no idea how to make it follows a path. Maybe shape bender? or is there another way? I’d also like to know if it can be done with native tools.

Any tutorial is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

The pattefn (in the middle) seems to repeat itself 16 times in 360 degrees.
With native tools you could push one through one ring segment (22.5 degrees) and use ‘Intersect Faces With Selected’ to obtain one segment of the ring. (Don’t forget to delete unwanted geometry).
Next thing is to rotate/copy that segment 15 times by 22.5 degrees.

There is/are plugin(s) to bend straight 3D objects, so that would make it easier to create complex patterns on the ring.

Thank you, the ring was only an example.
I’m looking for something like this:

  1. Let’s suppose I have a shape, in this case I called it A.
  2. I want to repeat that shape around the sphere (oval)
  3. I want to create intersections around the oval
  4. I want to give it some relief

try2.skp (71.7 KB)

In other words, I’m looking for how to repeat a pattern around 360º and extrude it.
I supposed that there would be an easy way to do this.

Thank you.

Something like this, but I did this one “manually”, well I used Fredo6 jointPushPull.


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