Circular pattern help

ok, so i made a really cool part in sketch up and im pretty dang proud of myself. i made it from a 2d drawing, then i used the revolve command and made the pulley. so now, i need to place 5 equally spaced holes around it. 360/5= 72*

how do i do this?


also, is there a way to turn a cirlce into a construction line so it doesnt mess up my geometry?

yes, i know my insides are my outsides. im changing that now:)

You can use Rotate/Copy to copy the circle around the web of the pulley. You need to set up the Rotate tool on the center of the pulley, though.

And I didn’t even have to say anything. You could hear me thinking it.

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i sure did haha. i saw it and was like " If Dave sees this, im hosed" haha. ok, i will try that out. never needed that function before until i made this part.

on a side note, any time i rotate the camera, my pulley starts looking like a section view. its hard for me to tell if i have any extra features/faces hanging out thats causing this.

Switch your camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents.

Rotate/Copy=Rotate tool, hit Ctrl to invoke the copy function. Enter the angle between first and second hole then type xn where n is the number of additional holes you want. I typed 45, Enter x7, Enter

Oh dang. thats strange that taking the perspective option off causes the object to do that. i have to take it off sometimes because i cant get a circle, or other tool to line up on the correct axis haha.

ok, gonna try and make the holes now.

i made this part yesterday in solidworks but wanted to try in SU.

You can align the Circle tool or Rotate using the cursor keys. Also note that it would be easier to manage the whole process if you drew the wheel so that it is centered on an axis. See my GIF.

HOLY CRP!!! how did you make that so fast!!! it took me an hour to draw the profile and then revolve it haha.

thanks for the video. i need to start recording me so i dont forget haha

seriously, thats awesome. thanks for showing me how to do all this stuff

I pulled the cross section out of my hat or someplace. :smiley:

It really shouldn’t take that long to draw. I only drew hald of it and then copied and flipped it to make the other side.

yeah im still trying to figure out how to set up the drawing so that the origin is at the center rather than the way i have it.

Seriously, i guess with your 15+ years of SU, you have done a few parts like this.

How i did it was drew half, copy flipped, rotate. BUT what took so long was following the dimensions i had to use because some of them are missing. Solidworks works differently than SU. So i actually had to do some trig to find some missing lengths on my part to get it right. haha

I never knew you could punch a hole, then repeat that command. that comes in handy

thanks again

I started by drawing a face on the ground plane and laying out the profile on it. I also drew the circle for the Follow Me path centered on the origin.

Maybe once or twice.

What do you have for the starting dimensions? I’d be willing to bet you don’t need to do any trig to figure out how to draw it.

Push/Pull: after the first hole, double click to punch the rest of them.

here is a pic, might be hard to read: and here is book

its page 5-20

No trig needed.

Since the angle of the sloped parts of the profile is given and you know where those angled lines meet the outside edge of the profile, you can construct everything you need with a few guidelines using the Tape Measure and Protractor tools.

Draw in the shape with the Line tool and use the 2-Point Arc tool for the top of the flange.

Circular path centered on the origin as before.


Sorry for late reply. After work i had an opportunity to see a friend i have not seen for a year or so.

Yeah, i did trig when i did not need to. For some reason i thought i needed to find the height of the right triangle that is created by the 15* angle and the end point to the left becuase i couldnt figure out how high i was above the CL/origin. BUT then after i sent you the message and re looked over it, i then realized that trig was not needed haha.

Thanks for the help and the images. Its is interesting to see the differences between each of the programs i use. I do have to say, i like them both and its great exp for me to learn both of them.

i dont have SU on my school machine, but i might download it today and install it. that way when i am tired of SolidWorks, i can switch over

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