Need to figure a Bolt Pattern


New to sketchup,
I am trying to design a wheel adapter fora vehicle. I am trying to figure out how to draw a bolt pattern such as 5 on 5.5 inches. So I would need 5 holes equally spaced on a 5.5 inch circle. Anyone have an idea on how to figure it out?
Your help is greatly appreciated!


Draw the bolt hole at the required radius. Select the hole and then use the rotate tool to rotate a copy through 360 degrees about the circle center (type 360 to accomplish this, else the inference engine will give you 0.0). Then type /5 to create an array of copies at 1/5 the angle.


sorry, I used the select tool, selected the bolt hole, then selected the rotate tool, I typed in 360 but nothing


Window > Instructor
then select the RotateTool, (read the instructions)

At the bottom of Instructor page, click the “Making Multiple Rotated Copies (Radial Arrays)” link.


A few small points: you need to activate copy mode on the rotate tool by pressing ctrl (alt on Mac) per the instruction pages Dan linked, you need to move the mouse a bit to start the action before you type the angle, and when you rotate by 360 the copy will be exactly atop the original so it will appear that nothing has happened until you type /5.


yeah as someone who just learned to use radial arrays…it just takes a little practice to get use to the steps. Great teachers here on the forum. I am grateful to them all.


Yes the help has been great. It took me a while but i am starting to figure things out.

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