Surface to solid

So I rotated a sphere with follow me tool, but it is only a surface. How do I make it a solid?

Make it a group or component. So select it all with triple click then right click and Make Group.

Wow. That was easy.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get a good intersection with it, though. I intersect it with a solid box and instead of a square shape with a curved side all I get is some curved lines on the side of the box and no sphere surface section. What am I not doing?

Maybe you could share the model so we have some hope of getting you the right answer.

It’s most likely a problem of scale. Are you drawing something very small? If so scale up by 10 and try again.

The sphere is 45mm. the box section is 36mm x 20.5 x 6mm. I tried scaling it up by 10 but there is no difference. It’s just not cutting the sphere surface.

I repeat, post the SKP file as you’ve got it set up. That will allow us to give you a correct answer without having to guess at it.

How do I share it?
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Click on the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the text window. It should be self-explanatory from there.

optictemplate.skp (127.4 KB)

Move the box section 50mm on green towards origin for intersection placement.

Like this?

Why is the sphere inside out. It should have white faces like the other group.

What is it you want to end up with? Are you trying to combine the two shapes? How did you do the intersect? What tool?

Rereading your original post, you do know that SketchUp is a surface modeler, right?

Inside out? Hmm, originally there was a second larger sphere outside of it, but I removed it to make it easier to work with the inner sphere.
I want to end up with the intersected volume. No sphere, no box, nothing in the inner rectangular hole.
I was using Intersect with model, but also tried intersect with selection.

Like this?

Exactly. What am I not doing, or doing wrong?

When run on two groups such as you’ve got, Intersect Faces creates the edges at the intersections of the faces as the name implies. It does not create new faces. To get the faces, explode both groups so they are in the same context. Select the geometry and use Intersect Faces with either model or selected. It doesn’t matter in this case. Then erase the unneeded stuff. Make that a group or component and check that you didn’t leave anything behind that would prevent it from being solid.

Before you explode the sphere, open that group for editing, select the surface, right click and choose Reverse Faces.

Got it. Yeah, I reversed the faces as soon as you mentioned it, but this subtractive modeling is new to me. just trying to get the hang of it. Kind of opens up a whole new world!