Tips need: to make form solid to intersect


trying to make these solid to intersect. can someone share how to make it solid?

here’s the sketchup file.thks in advance :slight_smile:

Component_1.skp (126.3 KB)

Are both the objects either a group or component? Each must be one or the other - loose geometry cannot be a solid.

The left object has reversed faces which won’t help. Correct that.

Does Entity info report both as Solids?

Have you tried running TIG’s Solid inspector2 plugin?

Not at my computer, so can’t try now myself.

Done. Check out “Solid Inspector” in the extensions warehouse.

Component_1.skp (133.2 KB)

The shape on the left in your screen shot isn’t solid due to internal faces. You can temporarily hide the flat face on top and delete those internal faces.

Also, you need to correct the face orientation. The blue faces should be on the inside. White faces should be outside.

Did you intentionally draw these up on edge?

hi john,

i didnt check on entity report - i felt i dont understood what it say.

ok. will install solid inspector

Hi DaveR,

how i draw the shape is ( i think it’s a longer unthordox process)

  1. draw the base outline on flat 2D.
  2. offset the smaller one by 5 to 6 mm
  3. raise the smaller one by height of 10 mm
  4. to join the sides, i draw an arc perpendicular to the top and bottom end and use “follow me” command.
  5. to remove any internal line, i open the top lid and delete from inside.

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