Sphere Issues

I have a some issues with spheres I would like some help on.

  1. I have made a sphere in Sketchup but for some reason, I cannot make a component out of it. If I make a copy the sphere and select both of them, I can create a component or a group. If I only select one, I don’t get any option to create a component.
  2. Under Entity info, the sphere is treated as a surface, not a solid. Is there a way to make Sketchup recognize the sphere as a solid, or does it even matter?
  3. I am trying to position the center of the sphere at a specific point (actually have to arrange
    centers of 15 spheres on the periphery of a 15 sided circle) but I can’t see how to find the center of the sphere to accurately place it at a specific point on the circle.
    Thank you for your help.

Triple click to select the edges and you can make it a component.

Sphere Comp

You can actual select the sphere surface, or any other single entity, and use the keyboard shortcut, g, to make a component.

Work out the geometry of where you want the spheres and use an array, something like this.
Star with spheres

Ok, thanks for that component tip. I will endeavour to try out your array method.