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I have this piece Untitled.skp (513.8 KB)

I am trying to 3d print it but the round circular corner (at the top and at the bottom) make the print quality terrible. So I want to remove this round corner and make it flat. I tried intersecting this piece with another cilinder (small) at the top and one at the bottom but it says this part is not a solid. I tried using SOLICT INSPECTOR to solve the problems but they are too many.

So I ask you: how can I do this? I am not asking you to do this “homework” to me, I wanna learn how to properly do this with minor efforts!

Some characters/numbers expand past the straight vertical faces up to the rounded area (examples: C and 5).

Otherwise you could just (in parallel mode and say front view) select the to rounded geometry at top and bottom and erase that.
Then recreate a new top (and bottom) face by tracing one circle segment with the ‘Line’ tool.
Pull that face straight up to its initial location with the Push/Pull’ tool.

The other points are that you have snapping set to 1mm [turn it off] and it’s very small.
Make it a component, copy another instance off to one side, then scale it up x1000, edit it and work inside the big version.
Once it’s reporting ‘Solid’ in Entity Info you can delete the big version and the small version will retain the tiny geometry.

In some ways making this whole thing much bigger initially is the way to go.
Start with group that’s perhaps x1000 bigger than you want at the end.
FollowMe the main ring’s profile around a circle to make the form with the required number of segments to create the needed facets [1/2/3/etc] per letter - I think you’ll need 42 ?.
Then add the 3d-text letters as groups around as needed.
Make sure these intersect the ‘ring’ and explode them all.
Intersect all and then use temporary section-planes to look inside and erase the internal faces etc, which will prevent ‘solidity’.
Once it’s reporting as a solid you can scale it down to the desired size…

That’s a complete pain in the a** cause after deleting the top and bottom part the piece gets all corrupted, I used the LINE TOOL to create a surface at the top and it’s impossible to cover all the surface, I need to make hunderds of lines in order to try to cover all the top/bottom surface with a surface.

I notice that you haven’t named your model. It is still called _Untitled.skp_You do take a risk with not saving it with a specific file name.

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