How to curve my design to floor plan radius?


How would I take my flat 3D design and curve it to the true floor plan radius wall?


It would be easier if we could see some images of what you’ve got and what you want to do to it.


Inner radius is top and right - I have a blue print scan if that would be better?


So the entire flat wall you’ve drawn really needs to be bent? I guess I would have drawn it bent in the first place but since you now have it flat, you might try any of the following extensions. Shape Bender from the Extension Warehouse, Radial Bend in Fredo’s FredoScale extension or maybe Caul’s Flowify. The last two are available from Sketchucation’s Plugin Store.


Neoknite, unless this is strictly a one-shot deal for you (you’re never using SU to do anything like this again), it might make sense for you to do it over. As DaveR stated (perhaps understated), with few exceptions if an object or structure is curved, it is modeled in the curved condition. Until these extensions became available “bending” was simply not something you could do in SU, and it still isn’t considered a mainstream methodology. Also, when you get right down to it, modeling this curved in the first place wouldn’t be much harder than modeling it flat. You could take advantage of a radial array to produce the repetitive elements of the design quickly.

If I were you, I would seriously consider modeling it over, both for the satisfaction of doing it correctly and for the practice. If this stage set or exhibition or whatever is going to be a typical application for you, it would make sense to get some experience doing it correctly and develop techniques you can use over and over. Modeling something flat and then bending it is not a technique you should plan on repeating.


As an afterthought, looking at your design, it would be pretty difficult to apply a bending extension to it anyway, since I presume you don’t want things like doorways and the framed wall hangings curved.


True - I tried a curved design but the diagrid was near impossible with my limited knowledge of SketchUp - original design from someone else I just enhanced it. Problem is some people cannot invision the curved wall. I will attempt if they decide to go through with lobby design.


THANKS - I will look