How to bend model



Hi, i create model of tunnel section:

It 10m length and now i need bend it to left or right, so i can create complex tunnel system, can you point me to tutorial how i can bend it, saving all proportions?


Shape Bender might be of use to you here.

It will be difficult to preserve all the proportions as the act of bending will stretch and compress various surfaces to accomplish the bend, the radial cross section may remain similar but the inner and outer walls will be distorted. It’s worth noting that all elements will be bent, including for instance the overhead fluorescent lights.

Some more discussion of bending here:


It may help to think about how the actual tunnel would be constructed: The ribs in the ceiling wouldn’t just be bent; more likely, the ribs would be arrayed along a curved path, while the ceiling panel would be shaped as a quarter-circle. So, when you construct the SketchUp model, you may want to tackle one component at a time and model the curved section accordingly, probably with the Follow Me tool.


Hello. Fredo’s plugin comes to my mind for this as well. Check out this YouTube video - What you’re looking for is at 8:45. Maybe you can use it to achieve what you have in mind.


While it would cause some distortion of geometry, I think that FredoScale’s Radial Bending would do what you are looking for.


I agree. And also, if they are at an angled join, to keep the tunnel width constant round the curve, the arched ribs will need to be wider, too, by the reciprocal of the cosine of the angle between sections.


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