Any way to draw this curved circle?


Hi everybody.

I found this model on internet, and I wonder how the “wing” of the hat could be done (I outlined it in red)
EDIT: wrong picture, now it’s ok xD

Is there any way to do it with standard tools or it would requiere some plugin?

Thanks in advance.

How to bend model

Going to try it with follow me tool, let’s see what happens.
Edit: Bad choice


You could do it with native tools but it would take some time. I drew the brim of the hat flat and used Shape Bender. You do need to work with the brim component standing on edge due to the way Shape Bender works but it’s quick and easy.


the brim can be achieved with the move tool…

heres a tiny piece without scant instructions…



Thank you both very much.

I delayed my post because I’m still trying it, but I think I got the point, I will post again in a few minutes. :wink:


Ok, I think I got it.

First of all, I want to thank you so much for helping me on my way of learning the basics of this program.

@john_drivenupthewall, thanks for showing me some of the ways to do it with the basic tools, I’m interested, I know you did it fast, but DaveR is right about it takes more time and the result is not going to be so smooth unless you are very precise and patient.

@DaveR, thanks for your piece of advice about Shape Bender, I guess you meant this extension:, when I install it it says it says there is no plugin for my SU version (Make 2017), but I installed anyway and it seems it worked.

I notice during the process of drawing the brim of the hat that what @endlessfix taught me here could be another way of doing it with standard tools.

I appreciate to know several ways to know how to do something, so I really appreciate your help.


I think I had over 1000 plugins before I realised I didn’t need most of them if I learnt the native tools better…

I still love shape bender for quick and dirty models, but you have a lot more control manually if you work in tiny detail or need to export…

if you look at the hidden detail you’ll see how faces and edges get split…



I still have so much trouble with 3D dimensions, I have to do things in two or 3 steps, moving over every axe independently.


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