How to draw a curved horn

I’m trying to draw a dagger crossguard like the pics on the left and I’m having trouble drawing the “horns” on the end. I have a rough outline (shown on the right) and I want it to be round. I can’t get the “Follow Me” to follow the horns. I tried using Push/Pull and scaling, but I can’t get it to rotate upwards.

Here’s an option you might like to play with, by welding the long edges of the geometry I’m able to scale the ends and it translates along the shape.
I have use Thomthom’s Quad Face Tools to select the correct parts of the hidden geometry for welding.
GIF 4-12-2023 3-56-18 PM


This looks like the right way to go, but I’m having trouble using the QuadFace Tools. I’ve downloaded and installed it, but I can’t seem to use any of the tools.

Two things,
Firstly Did you also install the helper file TT_Lib2

and secondly, Quadface tools will appear in the Tools menu, not the extensions menu.
No all extension are found in the extensions menu.
Also it has a toolbar.

My bad; I didn’t see that extra bit. I downloaded the “TT_Lib2”, but I still can’t locate QuadTools anywhere, even in my tools and tool palettes.

Did you restart sketchup after installing?

I foolishly didn’t think I needed to, but I have and it finally appears! I’ll play around with it and see how I go. Thanks for all the help!