Bent shape with a curved side



Can someone please explain how to do a shape like this



I expect you’ll get to see several methods. Here’s one:


Edit: To clarify, in Step 4 where it says “Select curved surface,” I mean the surface of the end radius, which cuts through the model.


Learn about the Intersect tool and then this model:
Curved Part.skp (110.9 KB)



The only thing I’m not crazy about with the method you showed is that the ends aren’t square.

Of course, there’s also some distortion in the method I showed, so @rajeshpn, you’ll have to figure out where a little distortion will hurt you least. If you can’t tolerate any distortion (beyond the unavoidable distortion of faceted curves), you’ll have to fold the curve rather than extrude it and apply it separately to each facet.



Thanks a lot Mr.Gully


Thanks a lot Mr.Geo.
Thanks for the video tut.