Having trouble modeling some curved pieces...?

Hey all, I’m having trouble modeling a wrap around piece for a cabinet. You can see in the screenshots what I’m trying to model by cutting at curved wrap around part. It doesn’t work cutting it like I’m trying because the backside ends up shorter and doesn’t have a flat front and top like is needed. If i try moving the “cutting tool” it doesn’t cut enough. I also tried using the follow me tool after cutting it, but that just makes it warp in the wrong direction. I need to do this similar cut twice, once for that inner wrap around and once for the outer, and the outer has a bevel so i have no clue how ill do that. If anyone has any ideas how i can accomplish these two pieces, please let me know. Thanks!

Could you upload the SKP file?

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Here ya go.

Corner part.skp (53.3 KB)

Which part do you want to keep? Something like this?

I’m trying to understand which part of the overlay you are making. I don’t think the method you are trying to use will create the shape you need.

Something like that yes, but at the peak, the top of it has to be facing the front. Does that make sense? So the Inside curve would need to be even with the outside curve. I almost think its too complex to make in sketchup?

I think i know how to do it. Im cutting it from the wrong direction :slight_smile:

Something more like this?

I was cutting the wrong curve, i was using the front curve to cut a side curve, so i made the side curve and extruded it that way and got it. Only took me two days lol.

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I am curious how you made that shape though, that will come in handy later. Any quick tips?

You need to get the geometry of the “cutter” shape in the same context as the part being cut so when you run Intersect it intersects both surfaces. Then when you erase the unneeded bits, you’ll leave part of the cutter as the surfaces on the curved remaining piece.

I drew it flat and used Radial Bend from FredoScale to bend it.

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Thanks for the help, and that Fredoscale is going to save me so much trouble in the future. Thanks!

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