Shovel difficulties

I am trying to make an 18" square shovel with a curved bottom, curved edges on the sides and back with a curved cutting edge that protrudes a couple inches and that is 1/4" thick. I keep butting heads - I get the curved bottom but can’t figure how to cut it so the leading edge is curved. I can curve the edge but not the bottom. I am not sure how to eliminate the line where the curved edge meets the straight sides so it looks smooth.
How would I go about making this shovel bucket? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
scoop.skp (181.8 KB)

Just as an idea with basic SketchUp (

  • click on image to play

(no need to change to metric system, but it will be useful if you at least deactivate ‘Enable length snapping’)


  • click on image to play
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Off topic, but what program do yoi use to create your animations as I can’t gett more than 15 secs of recording before I hit the maximum upload limit for SU?

ScreentoGif at 5 fps and save as mp4, not gif.


Thanks. It helps me, I liked the way you fixed the curve by erasing it and redrawing it and how you smoothed it. I had made the curved edge by using the follow me tool, and selecting the 3 sides of the rectangle, perhaps that’s an error. Maybe I should only push pull the curve all the way back to give me a curved bottom. I can’t figure out how to make a curved nose (the cutting edge of the shovel) after I have made the curved bottom. If I make an arc and delete the unwanted portion, it erases the curved portion of the bottom. It should look something like a garden spade.
scoop.skp (181.8 KB)

Searching for ‘garden spade’, Google returns a lot of models.
Show a picture of the exact model you want to create.

Another is LICEcap.

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Many thanks.

As you’re on Mac there is another option. By typing Command-Shift-5 you get a lot of options for screen recording, including the ability to record only a small part of the screen. You may already be doing that.

What you can do afterwards though is to open your screen recording in QuickTime Player, use the trim feature to get rid of the start and end parts, that are not yet showing the problem, and if you’re feeling advanced you can use the split function to remove big chunks of unimportant bits.

Once you are down to a snappy video that only shows what you need people to see, you can then use File/Export As… and choose a smaller video size. Quite often you don’t need to see the finest detail, and you could choose 480p or 720p. Even if you do need to see detail, 1080p ought to be good enough.

That file should be quite a bit smaller than your original screen recording file.

Thanks, Colin, I know about the Cmd Shift 5 and I’ll have another go at editing to see how I get on with getting the file size down.

Even though it looks a little like a garden spade it’s actually a backhoe bucket attachment.

My question basically is how to cut a curved surface. The bottom of this shovel is curved. If I try draw an arc to make the leading edge of a shovel shape and cut it erases the geometry.

The second model I uploaded shows that problem. It’s essentially cutting a half cylinder at an angle.


You can Intersect faces between your curved bottom and a curved vertical face (drawn with the Arc and Line tools) set up like this:

Cut the curved vertical face to clipboard, then open the bucket for editing and paste in place.

Then Intersect Faces/With context…

and delete the surplus edges and faces.

to get this:

Flip/Copy or Move/Copy and Scale -1 to draw the other half.

Thanks - your post helped me a lot. G