Making a curved cut on a curved surface

I have created a new type of wind turbine vane - Patent US 9,181,924 if anybody is interested or really bored. One embodiment is shown below.

I want to round (make more aerodynamic) the two front corners.

How to do??

So many possible answers and so little information to go on.
Can you at least show us an image of roughly what you want.

No image? There is one visible to me. I will look on a different computer. Maybe what I am seeing is only visible on this computer.

We can all see the image but we don’t know what is to be rounded and by how much.

OK. I got it.
I am really terrible at any sort of drawing. Maybe this can show the idea of what might be good.

The back should be OK as is.

Does this help?

Yes. It is what I assumed but wanted to be sure. You will need to create a curved surface and intersect it with what you have now and erase the extra geometry. You could copy one of the existing curved surfaces and use that.

It was really hard to do. But it was easy once I thought of the right way.

I don’t know what caused the lighter coloring on the front, left and right pieces, but not a big problem so what me worry.

Here is one method.


This is good. I didn’t know about the intersect faces command.
I need to find a list of Sketchup commands.

You should poke through the menus and the Help articles.

Why should I do it? Why not somebody who knows the program? How about the guys that wrote it?

Take responsibility for learning the program yourself. The folks that made it created the Help files to help you learn it.

Here’s a list of commands: sketchup2017refcardwin.pdf (308.6 KB)

sketchup2017refcardwin.pdf is good/helpful

Sketchup needs to get rid of the English majors and hire some Art majors. Should be plenty of them, and they are probably cheap, too. This is a drawing program not a word processing program.

How about a picture? Maybe the picture below. Unhighlight the highlighted edges; highlight the edges desired; and, maybe, dump the displayed menu. Then, shrink it. Do that for all the commands.

The Basics of Intersection in SketchUp   SketchUcation

Do you now the instructor panel?

It is pretty graphic and has a link the apropiate help article.

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You can look up the pat number and get idea of several concepts with lots of words.

Instructor panel is for Make? Is there an instructor panel for Sketchup? The command set is at least partially different?

not different, goto Window>Default tray and check Instructor, it will appear in your tray!

Why would I bother when the OP has said he can’t be bothered to learn the software.


Got it.