Connecting shapes to bend to a radius

I am currently modeling a boat from blueprints to make changes to the final design. I have all the dimensions for each section of the boat. (sides, bottom, rear, top etc.) Problem is theses dimensions are for the pieces laid flat. I do not have the angle for the multi axis radii on the hull bottom and sides. Shape Bender, Fredo Scale, Flowify or any other extension I have (or know about) will not do what I need.
Is there any way to connect the sides of multiple shapes to form these radii?


Can you share with us at least a screen shot or better, the SKP file you’re working with?

Are you using SketchUp Free (web based) or SketchUp 2019 Pro. Your profile is confusing on that topic.

If you have the half-breadths modeled, you should be able to develop the hull shape.

All I have at the moment are my attempts to get it done with Bezier Curves. I’ll model some shapes and post what I’m needing to accomplish

What are you starting from? Do you have a table of offsets or something? What do the blueprints show? How are you getting that info into SketchUp?

They are paper plans. No offsets, just dimensions. The bends in the hull are formed by connecting the sides of the parts, measured flat. I am creating the shapes in SketchUp

Unfortunately you aren’t giving us enough information to be able to help you. We need to see something.

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Like I said, I didn’t have anything available to illustrate what I have. Instead of me taking the time to model this, this should give you an idea of what I’m working with. Look at the attached picture and connect these shapes sides by the marked letters.

It’s difficult in SketchUp to translate those shapes into a hull. Much easier to go from a 3D hull shape and develop the panels. Drawing the shape of the panels on their own is not hard. You just plot the points and then use a Catmull Spline from Fredo6’s Bezier Spline tools to connect the points. The trick is to accurately join the bottom panels and then joint the sides to them. It’s much easier if you have the shapes of the frames at the stations.

I’m sure it will be so much easier if I had a pre-existing 3-D model :joy::joy::joy:

Are you kidding?

Yes! I’ll try the Bezier Spline tools as you suggested. Thanks