How would I model this?

I’m trying to create a curved roof on a curved building but I’m not sure how to do it, I’ve attached an image of a failed attempt.

Is the wave of the roof supposed to follow the curve of the walls?

Yeah thats the idea, one side would be longer than the other because the walls are different lengths.

This would be one way.

Draw the wave curves for the inside and outside radii as flat curves (foreground) and use Shape Bender to bend them to match the radius of the walls (background). Shape Bender is available from the Extension Warehouse. Follow the directions for setting up the straight and curved lines the extension needs to create the bent shapes.

Explode the bent components and join their ends with straight lines.

At this point you could either manually draw lines from vertices on the curves to stitch in the faces or let an extension like Curviloft do the heavy lifting. Curviloft is available from Sketchucation’s Plugin Store.

Finally, extrude the building walls up through the roof and use Intersect Faces, the Solid Tools’ Trim tool or Trim and Keep to trim the top of the walls to match the roof line.

I imagine you could also manually develop the waves on the radii of the building but I think it would be a bit of a challenge to do and certainly more time consuming.

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