Wave around curve

I would like suggestions on how to model the following “schematic” curtain.

I should know it, seems easy, but my brain seems in a deep freeze this morning.

I would appreciate some help.


select the wavy curve, offset it, join both ends and push pull !

you can also use plugins to extrudes lines/curves, such as “extrude lines” by Didier Bur, that is included in the JHS powerbar (available HERE )

that is assuming that it’s all vectors. is it an image ?

Sorry. I wasn’t clear.

It’s just a picture I posted ( I use it to positon the elements) . I could, of course, trace over it, but it wouldn’t be accurate. I was wondering how to bend a waved line or model around a curve - as in the pictures. Or how to draw it accurately - not just approx.

you can use Chris Fulmer’s Shape Bender plugin (available in extension warehouse - free)
shape bender b(1)


The title of this is off-putting, but Aaron explains what I believe you are trying to achieve in the first 3 minutes.

This is what I was thinking of…this would be the way to work out the curved wave …

I was wondering if there would be an extension to do this…

In ArchiCad for example you can set up different line types, so when I draw a curve with that line it would automatically adjusts it…

I am pretty sure there is already a tool that could do this…

I tough of ThrueBend, Shape Bender and Flowify…but the geometry will not be correct. Something like component liner type of thing…I am probably making this overcomplicated.

Yes! Actually this work. Just have to measure the line length and I have Fredo tools to give thickness…

Thank you

something does not work?!!!

Tap the arrow keys to change the green preview.

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THANK YOU! It did the trick!

your straight line along red axe is a bit away from the shape you want to bend. the plugin will keep this distance while bending, the arrow key will switch the side where it will be offset.
Place the straight line in the middle of the shape just like I did

All crear now. Thank you!