Help bend and intersect item

Hello , i am new to sketchup and have encountered my first problem , I am making a model and cant seem to figure out how to attach this zipper to the curved back of the model , Can anyone explain to me how to make the zipper intersect with and curve to the back of the model like shown in this image:

Hi ,There a plug in by Chris Fulmer called Shape Bender that will do this


As may be starting to become clear to you, “bending” and most other forms of deformation and distortion are not normally operations that are used to model objects in SU, and SU doesn’t really have any native tools that are very good at those operations. Typically, if a model of a bent object is what you want, you pretty much have to model it in the bent condition, rather than model it straight and then bend it. CLF-Shape Bender sort of upsets that principle and introduces some nifty new capabilities, but I would advise you to try working with SU’s native tools and normal methodologies for a while–say until you feel you are really pushing against the limits of their capabilities.

It actually would have been pretty easy to model the zipper to fit the case, using the Rotate tool to make a radial array of the zipper teeth that curves right around.


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Gully , thanks for the information , Do you by chance have some links to some tutorial materials that cover that subject ? , As I’m kind of under the gun on this project , However i am doing the learn SU tutorials on youtube to give me a better understanding of it’s uses and capabilities.

Any info on the above mentioned method of the radial array to make the zipper teeth bend ?

After taking a close look at a nearby zipper, it occurs to me that this may be one of those cases where a projected texture might work better than all that modeling. The zipper I’m looking at has the fabric coming nearly together over the teeth. I’d draw about five lines around the curve and perhaps model the pull mech.
Just a thought.


Shep , thanks for the further information , I’ve been trying all morning to get this right , I got the zipper curved but the wrong way , i needed the face curved and curved the structure.

Ive uploaded the project here so you can kind of see what im trying to accomplish and maybe help me et in the right direction , would be awesome … maybe if someone could make a small video tut for me on this , or help me to get it solved so i can continue my lessons would be great!

the file is located here:

Something like this:


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Here’s the projected texture approach. Yes, there’s some distortion in the image. I suppose you could monkey around with the texture to reduce the distortion but I don’t know what quality you have in mind.

Flop-Zip ss.skp (593.4 KB)

Here’s a video showing the process.

Google SketchUp for Dummies, by Aidan Chopra


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Gully , Shep … thank you both of those will be useful for me. I really appreciate you two taking the time to help me get past this issue , Do you guys have a sketchup series of tutorials you’d recommend to start with !? As I intend on sticking with it.

Could you possibly show me the steps involved in making that !? , did you model the array of teeth straight and then use the radial array ? , I was toying with it but couldn’t get any useful results that i could use…

SketchUp Toolbar Series — SketchUp Video

SketchUp for Dummies — Aidan Chopra Video

SketchUp Sage Site & SUWiki


My picture shows all the steps. It’s not really too involved. The only question was how big a repeating module to use. I decided on one pair of zipper teeth. Another possible choice was to model as many teeth together as a unit as would fit across one segment of the guitar case.

So the first two meshing teeth are modeled in the starting plane as a single component. I located a center representing the desired radius of curvature and swung a copy of the two-tooth component around to the next mating position. Then I entered something like *20 to repeat 19 more copies swinging around the original center. That’s it.